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Podcast: A moment With…

Estamos encantados de anunciar que creamos «A Moment With», un podcast conversacional. ¿Otro? ¿Es el podcasting la última moda? Tal vez. O tal vez este es el futuro. Nuestra única petición es: escuchar el primer episodio y luego decidir si os queréis suscribir.

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Do Not Think About Going Back to “Normal”; Embrace the “New Normal”

Last week I had a great conversation with the leaders of the Sustainability Club at Eada Business School Barcelona. In this series of interviews, contributors explore how the role of business in society is shifting and adjusting to these unpredictable and complex times with COVID-19, covering topics such as digital data technology, emotional intelligence, and global governance. As a result of the conversation we had, they wrote this excellent article about how the economy is going to transition towards a New Normal, so I’d like to give you some of the highlights.

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How I Made $1.2 in an Hour at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Maybe you’ve heard about it. It is a marketplace (owned by Amazon) where you can find easy tasks to earn some extra income. Or if you want, you can convert it into your full-time job. Is this possible? Can you make a living being in front of your computer screen for several hours every day or week, performing some diverse assignments? Let’s try to find out; the best way to discover and understand is giving it a shot and have your own opinion. So I did it.

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