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An interview with Lukas Yla, the Lithuanian entrepreneur and CEO of Citybee Shared Mobility

You can find the unabridged audio of this interview at Soundcloud. It’s worth listening to every one of the 20 minutes, as Lukas is putting in his own words the ideas we tried to summarize in this article. He’s a really outstanding person.

We recorded this interview with Lukas in Vilnius, about a year ago, when he was already popular because of some of his achievements. Maybe you heard about him as “the doughnuts guy” whom they were talking about at Good Morning America, but he’s already more than that. He’s currently the CEO of Citybee and has been selected as one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology.

However, he describes himself as “the regular guy, always competing with myself to be the best possible person in my professional and personal life.” He had a clear mind since he was very young: “many teenagers try to get attention by having the stupid haircut; I was amazed by the idea of building companies and business. Curiosity played a major role for me growing up.”

It ‘s challenging to find someone so decided and ready to be coherent and walk the talk. “I decided from a very young age that working should be fun. Today I keep waking up with a smile and happily going to work”. “As a teen, I liked Adobe Photoshop, so I started going to contests with my friends, and I thought I could make money with that skill.” Instead of competing against other kids, he grabbed a phonebook and started offering companies to develop their websites, copying the competition and the coolest pages from the USA. He crossed some lines and learned a lot from the real world. While studying Political Sciences at the university, he thought he had too much free time, so he started a new side project: buying books on Amazon and learning as much as he could about marketing.

He seems so confident saying that you only need to focus on what’s under your control; the rest does not matter. And he believes so. There’s always a way for him, and his friends keep telling him he’s like the one they can throw under the bus and stands up once and again as nothing happened. ‘As long as I’m alive, I keep going forward; I think it became a routine, a habit.’ Adaptability is the key to him. He learned to deal with emotions when hard times come, just focusing on every possible solution, staying on the positive side. ‘I keep getting prepared for the worst, and if it does not come, it feels quite easy. I never panicked, for me, it’s like wasting a lot of time and energy, but now I think about it, I believe maybe I’m not going too fast, and I should push harder’ says with a smile. ‘When I have distress, I go to the gym and burn it. When you exercise, you realize discipline is so important’. In general, he wants to leave a healthy life.

The only moment when he’s close to meltdown is when somebody doesn’t meet the expectations. Though it may happen often, he keeps on the positive side, and try to do his best to help. He is breaking the reality into pieces that everyone can choke — rationality to the max.

He also shares some of his productivity hacks, the best advice he received, life-changing books, and many other ideas. He’s an outstanding guy, and you should keep an eye on his movements because I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about him in the future.

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